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Greater new orleans'
hub for coastal Tourism

Four passengers with their backs to the camera and earphones on riding a blue airboat. They can see a blue sky, white clouds, and the "Great Wall" of Louisiana on their left.
Giant salvinia is a fast-growing aquatic weed that came to the United States from South America via the imported plant trade.
An American Alligator with it's head and back peeking above the surface of the brackish water.

Just 15 minutes outside of the heart of New Orleans, The Wharf on Bienvenue invites you to discover the Louisiana wetlands, where conservation meets education. We aim to inspire, educate, and connect you with our precious ecosystem.

Beyond eco-tourism, we offer versatile indoor and outdoor spaces for educational field trips, corporate meetings, and gatherings of all kinds. While we're committed to conservation, we acknowledge room for improvement in sustainability. We are actively working on minimizing our impact.

We strive to protect our coast, create jobs, foster economic growth, and promote sustainability. Whether you're a traveler, nature enthusiast, or researcher, join us in preserving and exploring the Louisiana wetlands.

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